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Visiting Professor, University of Portsmouth Institute of Criminal Justice Studies


Bruce George was Member of Parliament for Walsall South constituency from 1974 to 2010.  His areas of Parliamentary     expertise were defence and foreign affairs, counter-terrorism, private security, corruption, elections and democratisation.  He was an inaugural member of the House of Commons Select Defence Committee, serving from 1980, eventually becoming Vice Chairman and then Chairman from 1997-2005.  He was a member of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly from 1990-2010, serving as President from 2004-2006.  He was a member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly from 1976-2010, serving as Vice President from 2007-2009.


He is the author, co-author and editor of nine books, 30 chapters of books and over 100 articles, conference papers and miscellaneous publications on his areas of interest mentioned above.


He is president and vice president of a number of British and international organisations and institutes.


He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wales, Swansea, in Political Theory and Government, 1964, and a Master’s degree in Comparative Politics from the University of Warwick, 1968.  He has lectured in over a hundred


universities in the UK and abroad.  He is currently visiting professor at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth and visiting professor at the New University of Buckingham.  He is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Wales, Swansea.  He was made a Privy Counsellor by the Queen in 2001.  He is married to Lisa Toelle, originally from St Louis, Mo, USA.


In retirement, he lectures extensively in the UK and abroad in his various areas of specialism and he is writing a book on elections.


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Reflections on Election Fraud and its Persistence in Modern Democracy


Rt. Hon Bruce George, Former President of the OSCE Parliament Assembly and Vice President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly

and Simon Kimber MSc


Epilogue by L. Burke Files DDP, CACM, President of The AACI (page 23).


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