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The AACI Guidelines for Research Papers, White Papers, Articles, and Blog Posts


Research Papers


  1. The paper should be no more than 10 typewritten 1.5 line-spaced pages including figures and graphs but not including references.

  2. Margins should be 1 inch all around. Fonts should be 10-12 in size and can be in any of these fonts - arial, times, times new roman, helvetica or geneva.

  3. References should be cited in the paper as endnotes. All material not your own requires a citation: almost every fact should have a reference.

  4. Textbooks are not suitable primary literature sources and should not be cited. However, many other books discuss risk, due diligence, corruption, fraud, etc... that may be used as sources.

  5. It is important that figures and tables be clearly presented and the source of information in them be cited. They should be as informative and be engaging to the reader as possible. Also please provide raw data in a separate file for the tables to assist us if there are any problems with formatting for publication.

  6. Be sure to add the citations for the figures to the reference section of the paper. Unless you created the figure, it must be cited.

  7. We encourage even the most basic of research, such as a survey of corruption in your community, polls on how people best think corruption should be dealt with in your town, city, and country.


Please feel free to submit your idea for a research topic / paper and we will do our best to provide you with our feedback.  Also feel free to suggest topics for research on a much larger scale that you may wish to participate in.


Make sure to include your full contact information, all of your degrees, certifications and titles in long formats, such as Certified Anti-Corruption Manager - not CACM


White Papers


A white paper is more or less a feature request.  We are open to ideas on white papers at all times.  If you have an idea for a white paper, please send us your idea for the white paper.


A request for a white paper should include a thorough discussion of the issue, how you will approach the issue in your paper and the background of yourself and all of the contributors.


White papers must include at least the following:


  1. A summary of the background of the issue you are trying to solve or feature request you are requesting (the 'why' does this need to be done)

  2. An overview of the functional requirements, or simply the goals that are to be achieved (the 'what' needs to be done).

  3. Thoughts on how your proposal will affect change management (does it affect backward compatibility, does it change the UI such that training would be required, awareness, education, automation, etc.)


These items do not have to be technical. They can describe the issues from a user perspective in user language provided that there is enough information for The AACI to be able to suggest a technical addendum to the paper if accepted.


However, if you have the ability, then the following additional items are also welcomed in any paper:


  1. A detailed assessment of change management issues.

  2. An overview of the impact on the existing architecture.

  3. A functional description of fraud, corruption, bribery, due diligence, elements (the 'how').

  4. Any dependencies that the proposal has. For example, it might rely on another white paper being accepted which facilitates a change that you need. This might also include additional libraries and references that need to be included for the reader.

  5. A planning outline with milestones for delivery.

  6. The AACI expects you to attempt to address these additional requirements if possible depending on your experience where the White Paper should be a tool to help share this knowledge with others.


Make sure to include your full contact information, all of your degrees, certifications and titles in long formats, such as Certified Anti-Corruption Manager - not CACM


Articles / Blog Posts


Over 600 words on a topic you are familiar with, The AACI is interested in education and enlightenment.  Weaving in your thoughts and stories with recent headlines is fine.  The most excellent of manners and consideration of others is utmost.


Please make sure to include your full name and contact information.




The official language at The AACI is English.



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