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Organizations Anti-Corruption Certification Program


Starting September 1, 2016, The AACI offers globally a disciplined anti-corruption certification program to organizations seeking to prevent fraud and corruption inside their business processes, operations, and culture. This certification process is the first of its kind worldwide and forms a basis for institutional change in fighting fraud and corruption. It is available to organizations of all kinds and types. The process is principally administered and completed Online.


It is an annual certification process that shows quantitatively the collective anti-corruption knowledge score of those who are charged with governance and reports on the result.






















The Organizations Anti-Corruption Certification Program Objectives


The process:


  1. Enables those charged with governance to:

    1. Evaluate and measure relevant corruption prevention knowledge competencies of the board members, senior management and employees.

    2. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the entity's corruption prevention knowledge that is necessary for preventing fraud and corruption.

    3. Select appropriate responses to address identified corruption prevention knowledge weaknesses.

  2. Sets apart those organizations that take the risks of fraud and corruption seriously from those that do not.

  3. Supports the board members, executive management, and other decision makers to meet their fiduciary and legal duties.

  4. Supports organizations to show their sincere duty of care efforts to protect the interests of all stakeholders.

  5. Helps those charged with governance to set a proper tone at the top.

  6. Supports an effective implementation of and compliance with corporate governance code or principles.

  7. Supports an effective implementation of comprehensive anti-corruption policy, internal control and processes,  and code of ethics (conduct).

  8. Supports organizations to comply effectively with the requirements of ISO 37001: anti-bribery management systems.

  9. Supports regulators or chambers mitigate and control bribery, fraud, and corruption in a business sector or segment.

  10. Enables local governments or states to bring about real and visible anti-corruption efforts to be part of their local normal business practices.

  11. Supports the investment optimization in human capital.


Mechanism and Implementation


The Exam Unit of The AACI administers the certification process. An organization may contact The AACI exclusive approved vendor in its country or directly contact the Exam Unit. The certification process can be completed within thirty business days or less. The main steps of the process are as follows:


  1. Certification Contract: An organization contracts with the exclusive approved vendor of The AACI in its country or the Exam Unit.

  2. Management Representation Letter: An organization should sign and submit a management representation letter. This is a prerequisite to proceed with the certification process.

  3. Certification Fee: An organization should pay the certification fee.

  4. Corruption Prevention Management Test (CPMT) setting: The Exam Unit sets the CPMT as agreed and communicated with the organization.

  5. CPMT Report and Certificate : The Exam Unit will directly send the organization via courier the following:

    1. CPMT Certificate: This certificate is valid for one fiscal year.

    2. CPMT Report: It is an integral part of this certificate. A report will be qualified when a board member or decision makers do not sit for the CPMT test.

    3. CPMT Detailed Reports




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For more information visit the Q & A of the organizations anti-corruption certification program.


You may download the certification Power Point presentation and read this Slate presentation. Contact us at



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