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In order to fight corruption effectively and reach for real results, empirical research is our service in trade. Due to the unique nature of corruption and the destructive and catastrophic consequences of it, nations, governments or organizations will not thrive if they do not address corruption seriously.


The AACI welcome all kinds of cooperation to conduct empirical research in any field that is directly related to fraud and corruption.


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Reflections on Election Fraud and its Persistence in Modern Democracy

Rt. Hon Bruce George, Former President of the OSCE Parliament Assembly and Vice President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly

and Simon Kimber MSc


Transparency and Corruption Prevention in the Healthcare Industry

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The AACI currently prepares an initiative for the Arab countries healthcare sector.  It is an ambitious and innovative anti-corruption project. Transparency, integrity, and accountability are fundamental pillars of the project. The Arab countries healthcare decision makers and executive management will always play a pivotal role in preventing and deterring fraud and corruption. They set the proper tone at the top!


The following constitutes an integral part of The AACI's anti-corruption initiative in the Arab countries healthcare sector.



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