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CACM Review Course


Led by the Exam Unit (EU), The AACI offers the Certified Anti-Corruption Manager (CACM) via exam worldwide. The Exam Unit staff prepares and updates the CACM review material following the CACM syllabus.

CACM Review Course Worldwide


The AACI does not require a CACM Exam Path registrant to attend a CACM review course. We do not organize CACM review courses outside the U.S. The AACI conducts CACM review courses in the U.S. in New York, NY, Orlando, FL, Washington D.C., Dallas, TX, Los Angeles, CA,  and Seattle, WA. We also conduct CACM review courses in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Beirut, Istanbul, Dubai, and Kuala Lumpur.


The U.S. CACM review course fee is USD 3,650 (including the CACM Exam Path fee and one additional exam authorization).

The AACI Accredited-CACM Review Course


The AACI accredits CACM review courses worldwide. We accredit CACM review courses and do not certify the providers of those courses. When The AACI accredits a CACM review course, the quality of the CACM review course is usually superb.


The AACI accredits a CACM Review course when it meets the following standards:


  1. The AACI or The AACI-accredited CACM review course expert delivers the CACM review course, and

  2. The duration of the CACM review course is five business days @ 8 hours a day, and

  3. CACM delegates have access to two CACM practice question sessions, 25 questions each, during the course, and

  4. CACM delegates have the opportunity to sit for the CACM exam on the fifth day of the CACM review course.

The CACM review course provider could be a strategic partner of The AACI or any third party. The AACI accredits the CACM review course; we do not certify its provider.


CACM Exam Path registrants and attendees shall be three or more to qualify the CACM review course for the benefits of accreditation. The AACI does not charge any fees to  accredit a CACM review course.


The Exam Unit issues, free of charge, CACM delegates who attend The AACI-accredited CACM review course Certificates of Completion of CACM Review Program following The AACI's learning policies.


To accredit a CACM review course, contact the Exam Unit.


Accredited CACM Review Course Experts


The AACI accredits individuals who meet the following conditions as experts qualified to present a five days CACM review course:


  1. Scored 90% or more in the CACM Exam

  2. Graduated from an accredited university with a master or doctoral degree

  3. When the language of university classroom instructions was not English, a TOEFL score of more than 85 is required.

  4. Graduates of business schools must have been graduated from an AACSB accredited school of business.

  5. Be a member in good standing at The AACI


The anti-corruption resources series are part of the CACM review content. Click here to read a CACM review sample content, questions, and answers. Click here to read sample exam questions and answers.


For more information, check the FAQ, or check the FAQ on our official blog, or contact the Exam Unit.



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