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The Exam Unit of The AACI publishes the CACM Review textbook annually to help CACM candidates prepare for the CACM exam. The CACM review textbook is available for both members and nonmembers of The AACI. Members may buy the current CACM Review edition at member price after they login on the membership portal.


The AACI bookstore is the place where our members and nonmembers find anti-corruption resources primarily those that address management and those charged with governance. Resources range from books, articles, to merchandise. Our members enjoy discounted prices for all what is offered at our bookstore.


The AACI members obtain discounted prices for the items that are sold directly by The AACI. Members should contact us to have The AACI discounted prices for items sold directly by third parties.


CACM Review Textbook


Nonmember price USD 229

Member price         USD 109


Digitial format

The AACI technical staff (Author)

Exam Unit of The AACI (Publisher)




Member price         USD 0.00


Digitial format

The AACI technical staff (Author)

Exam Unit of The AACI (Publisher)

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