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Established in Delaware in 2012 and runs its operations from its headquarter in Tempe, Arizona, the AACI is a professional institute developed to empower middle and upper management through a certification process to fight fraud and corruption consciously, proactively, efficiently, and effectively. Because tone is always set at the top, the AACI believes that decision makers should always have anti- corruption intelligence.  The AACI believes that management is the weakest cycle that usually jeopardizes any anti -corruption effort in any entity. Despite the fact that there is abundant literature written about the role of management in fighting fraud and corruption, no one organization or school provides specific disciplined education and approaches to fight fraud and corruption that engages middle and upper management in the anti-corruption process.


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The AACI Approach


The AACI provides its members with an anti-corruption certification program and further study those conditions that lead to fraud and corruption and the most effective means to battle fraud and corruption. When a member passes the program exam, (s) he will be certified as Certified Anti-Corruption Manager ® ©(CACM) ® ©.


The AACI ensures its members possess the cutting edge anti-corruption knowledge and skills. This is both through the Continuing Professional Educational (CPE) requirements and the sharing of the results of our research. The AACI provides several learning and training programs that are directly relevant to anti-corruption. The education and training process is continuously refined by the results of our research, research that is global in nature.


The key areas of CACM’s program body of knowledge can be found at the CACM Syllabus. Due Diligence; probably the most overused and misused term in the business lexicon. Fortunately, the president of The AACI literally wrote the book on due diligence.  L. Burke Files is an international financial investigator and due diligence expert and his award winning book "Due Diligence For The Financial Professional 2nd ed." It is one of the pillars of the CACM program.


On January 1, 2013, The AACI started accepting membership and certification applications from interested individual managers from all over the globe. Members of The AACI obtains several benefits.


The AACI currently seeks affiliations with progressive and research based institutions in the USA and overseas.  The interplay between professionals in academia and the private and government sectors is needed to produce the desired results.©



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