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Welcome to The AACI training and events division, the global leading provider of management anti-corruption training programs. Our programs cater to your every need; from seminars to classroom-based programs, in-house bespoke courses to distance learning, and to measuring and quantifying your organization's exposure to fraud and corruption. We have anti-corruption programs for you and your organization.


























Renowned industry experts and leaders in their field deliver our training programs under the direct supervision of The AACI Quality Advisory Committee; a subcommittee of The AACI Board of Advisors. We work with key professional and academic institutions to enable us providing you with the highest quality programs and tools to excel.


Our programs are not only directed towards management and those charged with governance, but also focus on specialized industries. We can meet your needs through any one or combination of the following:


  1. Public training

  2. In-house bespoke training

  3. Mass traditional training

  4. Mass Etraining



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Training and Events


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