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The AACI Advisory Board approved a grandfather CACM certification path for eligible candidates. Except that the CACM candidate will not sit for the CACM Online exam, all the remainder eligibility requirements are still valid, required and expected to be completed by a CACM candidate before (s)he becomes qualified as a CACM.


CACM members are qualified Certified Anti-Corruption Manager ®©(CACM). It is the international premier professional qualification that distinguishes management possessing the required cutting-edge knowledge and skills to fight fraud and corruption from its management position.


The AACI is the only global Institute that offers such a rigorous and disciplined scheme to qualify management to fight corruption. The CACM is not technical in nature, yet it capitalizes on the management science and the technical skills management usually has. The CACM syllabus provides a fair idea about the content of the CACM Online exam.


If you have any questions a bout AACI membership benefits, contact us and someone from the membership team will be in touch, alternately you can telephone (602) -235- 0956.


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Starting September 1, 2016, The AACI offers globally a disciplined anti-corruption certification program to organizations seeking to prevent fraud and corruption inside their business processes, operations, and culture. This certification process is the first of its kind worldwide and forms a basis for institutional change in fighting fraud and corruption. It is available to organizations of all kinds and types. The process is principally administered and completed Online.


It is an annual certification process that shows quantitatively the collective anti-corruption knowledge score of those who are charged with governance.


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