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CACM Syllabus


The CACM syllabus consists of the below stated subject matter fields . The CACM equips management and those charged with governance with the core body of knowledge of the cutting-edge know-how and skills to enable them preventing corruption. Though the CACM is corruption prevention oriented, it empowers management to deter and detect fraud and corruption.


The CACM body of knowledge consists of the following core subject matter and topics:

  • Principles of Effective Management

    1. Decision making

    2. Strategic management

    3. Business law

    4. Executive management, internal audit, and independent auditor

    5. Accounting and corruption

    6. Due Diligence: Fraud prevention and detection

    7. Ethics, culture, and fraud: What should effective management know and do
  • Corruption Prevention, Deterrence, and Detection

    1. Fraud and corruption

    2. Financial statements fraud

    3. Misappropriation of assets

    4. Fraud schemes

    5. Fraud and information technology

    6. Money laundering

    7. Fraud prevention, policies, and techniques

    8. Anti fraud strategy

    9. Law, regulators, and local legal system

    10. Procurement fraud

    11. Fraud detection

    12. Industry –specific fraud and corruption:

      1. Financial institutions
      2. Insurance
      3. Telecommunication
      4. Non-profit
      5. Government (Public Sector)
  • Internal Control

    1. Internal control: COSO

    2. Effective internal control design and implementation to prevent fraud and corruption

    3. Internal control: Fraud prevention and detection

    4. Internal control and decision making
  • Principles of Corporate Governance

    1. Corporate governance role in fraud and corruption  prevention

    2. Executive management effectiveness in fighting fraud and corruption

    3. Effective board of directors: Fraud prevention, deterrence , and detection

    4. Effective function of board committees

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