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CACM Review


Led by the Exam Unit (EU), The AACI will start offering the Certified Anti-Corruption Manager (CACM) via exam in selected countries and regions. Once it becomes available via exam in a country, the CACM will not be available via grandfathering provision in it.


The Exam Unit staff prepares and updates the CACM review material following the CACM syllabus.


CACM Review Course


The AACI does not require a CACM exam registrant to attend a CACM review course. We do not organize or conduct CACM review courses outside the U.S. The minimum U.S. CACM review course fee USD 2,999 (including the exam fee).


A CACM review course structure shall consist of the following:


  1. CACM registrants and attendees shall be three or more to qualify the course for:

    1. Two practice sessions where each one is composed of 25 questions
    2. One official online exam would be available on the last day of the course

  2. Five days eight hours each

  3. A CACM review course shall adequately address each of the following:

    1. Internal control
    2. Fraud, corruption, and anti-bribery systems
    3. Governance
    4. Management
    5. Accounting and auditing


International interested and qualified parties may conduct CACM review courses in coordination with the Exam Unit.


Much of the anti-corruption resources series is a part of the CACM review content. Click here to read a CACM review sample content, questions, and answers. Click here to read sample exam questions and answers. For more information, contact the Exam Unit.



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